About Us

Hi y'all! I'm Rachael, the owner of The Little Rad Wolf Boutique. First of all, thank you so much for supporting our small business and this little dream of mine. 

Before starting this new venture, I was an elementary school teacher and had this idea of opening an online baby shop well before I was even thinking of having kids. I'm originally from Texas, but in the last 5 years I've moved to Arizona, south Florida and back to Dallas with my husband. During that time, I wore many hats including cheering in the NFL, teaching dance & cheer to children and most importantly- becoming a mom. 

After having our daughter Winnie, I found the motherhood community through social media to be very powerful! It brought me so much joy to share my unique finds and mom hacks with other mommies on Instagram. I also found Instagram was the first place I turned to when asking for recommendations or suggestions with anything baby (sorry mom!) I feel as though I have a new purpose on social media- the biggest being this boutique that has evolved out of the support I have received since our daughter was born. I'm so glad I decided to become a mommy before opening this store. There is so much I've learned about what I want (and what I absolutely will not buy) for a baby since having one! I also realized there is a need for more diverse pieces that aren't extremely expensive or cant be found at the same store every other child shops at. So here we are! My goal is to provide our shoppers with UNIQUE pieces that are as affordable as possible. My personal style is a little bit of everything- rad/ girly/ casual, so you'll see this in the style of our store. 

On a more personal note, our daughter Winnie is the greatest blessing and our whole world. She has changed our lives for the better. My husband, John is as good as they get. If you follow our personal pages on social media, you may know that he was on a popular TV show that includes handing out roses :) He is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me (besides our daughter) and is my biggest supporter in this fun idea of mine. 

We love you guys & thanks for shopping small!! 

Love, The Wolfners