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Hey Mamas! 

It is so fulfilling to start this blog for many reasons! I find myself aiming to do work with purpose and my original goal when opening this shop was to create not just a place to find cool clothes for your rad little babes, but to create a community. If you know me or you've read our "about us" on our website, you will know that much of the inspiration I had in starting this store was from the love, support, community and recommendations I received through social media as a new mom. I want to provide this space where every mom and mom-to-be can feel related to, share their experiences, ask for help, laugh because they need it, learn something new and never feel alone. 

As a vulnerable, overwhelmed, tired new mom, there was much I learned through my friends and the online community. I hope you find this here too! 

Stay tuned for some RAD blog posts coming soon from moms AND dads! We will be posting ALL kinds of mama content! And YES- please reach out to us if you would like to be featured by sharing and/or writing something! 


Wolf Mama, Rachael 

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