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In keeping with the spirit of recycling and/or reusing, I decided to make some cute Halloween decor this year. Rather than going to the store to purchase tons of plastic pieces to make our house more festive for Halloween, I reused a big box we had in our garage already to make this adorable little "haunted house." Haven't you heard the saying, "give a child a present and they'll play with the box?" Although I already knew this to be true, I put the theory to the test and it passed yet again. Our daughter approves! Its the simplest things most of the time. Introducing the easiest and cheapest ever DIY Halloween/ Haunted House!

First, I should mention that this entire thing cost me under $10! I purposefully tried to use Halloween pieces I already had or that my mom gifted me. Additional note: I'm super stoked that I won't have tons of decorations to store in my garage, taking up more space come the end of the Halloween season! 

What you need:

large shipping box (ours is approximately 40 inches tall X 20 inches wide)

scissors or box cutters


white or black paint (we chose white because I wanted to use the black reusable bats I already purchased)

paint brush or roller

paint tray

packing/ shipping tape

old bed sheet or newspaper


battery string lights

cute Halloween decor from your house (Ideas: spider webs, glow in the dark stickers, sticky bats. spooky skeletons, anything motion detected for scare effect)


The first thing I did was cut and peeled off any excess tape from the shipping box. Using chalk or a pencil, I drew a space where I wanted the door handles to be, the window and the triangle "roof." After I cut these out, I laid the box on an old sheet we use for painting and painted the outside white with a roller brush. This step took me all of 10 minutes. After it dried, I used tape to hold the "roof" up. The shipping tape is taped to the back of the triangle and the top of the box to hold it in place. It's not the cutest ever, but I'm all about easy! I then stapled my orange battery string lights inside. Feel free to get creative here and staple them however you please! Next I strung my spider web material over one side of the house, ensuring it was still accessible to open and close the doors. To add a spookier touch, add some spider webs inside! Last, I added the bats to the outside of the house. I ordered these off of Amazon for decoration in another part of our house and used the remaining bats for this. They come with stickers to place on the back, so I just placed them on the outside to give the house the complete Halloween look. 

Since our daughter is two, we did not want to add anything creepy that might scare her. We wanted her to actually play inside the house after all. For Halloween, our neighborhood is most likely trick-or-treating close to the sidewalk and grabbing candy from bins, rather than going door to door. I was planning to place the box outside at the end of our yard for kids to see as they came by on Halloween night. I am placing a motion activated wolf that howls inside for a little scare effect and placing a yard stake in front of the Halloween House that says "enter if you dare." Both of these pieces were given to us by my mom, so again, we had to purchase nothing. :) 

It was almost TOO easy to make this little house and our daughter loves it! I hope I've inspired you all to get creative with some of the things you already have at home- thus lessening stuff to store in your home, saving some money and lessening the impact on our planet! 

Tag us in your posts if you make a cute little Halloween House or any decor! We would love to re-post it and share your creativity! Happy Fall, yall! 



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